Learn to build my colorful studio Wangzhuan students in career

how time flies, imperceptibly second life block near the end, follow Admin5 friends predecessors learning time more than 6 months, but also write their own course of Wangzhuan in here, the first time I write, there are inadequacies also hope webmaster brothers haihan.

I entered the university to contact to the site for 07 years, because I love computer, campaigning for a freshman will directly report it student network department at that time on the site what all don’t understand, but students network is still relatively high for the demand, that night I was in the online search related sites in second days, the results on the spot interview was muddle through, hey ~· at that time, very excited, then 7 days notice to the network Department of the office of the formal interview, let me get ready, then the seven day I could make a serious matter, the HTML code to write. When the computer is almost. Not to the school, also went to the room carefully do one day to come up with a decent ", to their MP3 inside, waiting for a job. As a result, the minister made a good impression on me when he was officially. He said my skills were good, but of course it was relative. High school students basically didn’t touch the website. In this way, through the pass, and a month assessment period also passed smoothly.

in my students will officially enter the network, only to find that students are playing the what PowerEasy, confused me, began to think that they say is the dynamic web site with several moving pictures can then know the meaning of the dynamic website, ah, lost man. The following days followed their efforts to familiarize themselves with the agile system, which we used primarily. It is best to other senior said new cloud wind Empire and so on have a look, familiar with the background, ASP language to learn slowly now, first learn to use these excellent system, mainly to do graphic design. I also heard of all. The big time passed quickly, and I was still exploring the mysteries of these programs.

days later, I became familiar with it easy to move, the new cloud program, the other will feel uncomfortable and did not study, one day I came to tell me not to learn Wangzhuan, I said yes, should learn

, hey!

that night, I actively went to the seniors dormitory to learn. Was thinking can make money more good, earn a QQ member for a month, I also give seniors say, help me to make a QQ member of the money on the line, if you earn much will invite you to dinner, the seniors really kill me later a big meal. That night I went to apply for the seniors to first teach the Ali Mama, he said Ali was really low threshold, the threshold is relatively low, it is not good for a long time, only to find that Ali mother didn’t flow does not work, no one click ah, ask seniors, seniors say the real money depends on the traffic flow is king.

days later I followed him, site operations, in addition to the normal operation of school management portal, other time learning website, "

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