Ten months gathered 150 thousand webmaster members portal webmaster BBS is how to do

portal webmaster forum since April 8, 2008 officially launched, immediately attracted to join and sought after many webmaster at home and abroad, by the end of February this year, the number of registered members portal forum has reached 150 thousand, basic membership to give priority to, Alexa ranked 18105 on average in March, Google PR value 6, has become the owners of such media China strong the brand, and officially enter the semi-finals Chinese stationmaster media ranks! So, such a short time, the portal why can attract so many webmaster have joined the portal, how, under I will be divided into several aspects to simply discuss and you.

we all know, BBS is an interactive product, BBS how can become bigger and stronger, and this is closely related to its positioning and brand. Only by constant innovation, coupled with strong operational strategy, clear development goals, excellent management team, can form a good reputation effect, the forum can become bigger and stronger. And this is what the gateway forum is going through and going through.

1, featured categories

is a forum to have good development and growth, must first have Internet users interested in the content of the portal forum is no exception, as in aspects of the professional forum, in addition to having a classified section required, such as webmaster exchange plate, webmaster trading sector, Links plates and other popular plate, portal the forum also has some special features:


(1) active plate

portal through the forum activities plate is generally sponsored by the forum administrator and moderator, which is not only rich in activities, but also of high participation value. Here every week there will be new activities announced, the main plate, the plate is to attract the majority of members here, members can not only choose more interested in their own activities involved, but also can get the portal coins, at the same time the value of the text and forum posts within the top, bottom picture advertising, RMB cash the reward. It is very difficult to see in other well-known forum, and all members can exchange domain, advertising forum portal coins here, for the aggregation of connections and plays a very important role to strengthen the forum and a member of the exchange.

(2) thematic block


project can be said to be a major feature of the portal site, known as the webmaster website, not only in the information portal station made the subject of various topics, such as: Adsense on the portal webmaster interview topics, SNS operations, local website operation cheats special topics, topics, AdSense Raiders Google link exchange collection project webmaster, how to write text topics, search engine optimization (SEO) collection of topics and dozens of categories of special reports, and through the webmaster forum on the portal, but also opened a special "hot topics" section, the current sector under the genus had been built, college students job interview topics, local website Microsoft Windows7 >

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