Website in different stages of attention and promotion strategy

there are many channels for website promotion now, but it is becoming more and more difficult to popularize websites, and the effect is getting worse and worse. Mainly because of the maturity of Internet users, it is not easy to be popularized, the information is confused, and the spread of information on the Internet is rampant, and we all have a certain immunity. All kinds of promotion channels together, eyebrows beard grabbed the promotion although there is a certain effect, but the dead tired, but also make people lose their sense of direction to promote numb, imperceptibly, let the hair of the chain into the website operation, but the site itself lost attention. So how to promote the website can be more effective, mAb written before a "website promotion should be a gradual system engineering", you can refer to. Now the website in different periods of the mAb by different means of promotion and what you discuss:

phase 1: website initial stage

at this stage, we want to allow the site to reflect a sense of presence in the network, the goal is to be included in the major search engines. Search through the web link to grab the web site, and only your website has the chain, search spider to cany touch your web site of this melon. New sites want to have the high quality of the chain is not so easy to walk this road, friendship connection is not very good, the chain that can go without audit automatically appear, the feeling is the best automatic chain mAb, as long as the automatic chain link can be automatically included. Automatic chain also has good or bad points, that kind of automatic chain itself has not been Baidu included, do not have to join, find the automatic chain, the best way is in Baidu search "automatic chain"". There is also a good channel is blogging, webmaster can go to some websites to apply for a personal blog, in the blog module add friendship connection module, and then add your website to link, okay? The other chain channels and network favorites, bookmarks, bookmarks, also can try.

second stage: website force period

in the web site by the major search engine included, the website promotion can force, and can to some web navigation and website classification directory submit your website information. Of course, like hao123, 360 site navigation, this kind of do not want to, and submitted is also a white submission. Or to find some of the PR value and Baidu weight, but not so well-known navigation station to submit. The best way to find directory navigation, or Baidu this degree, you can choose the preferred web directory, to submit included. If you want to quickly improve the flow, you can also promote through the advertising alliance, recommend Baidu promotion alliance and Google AdWords, and some other wild card alliance easily deceived, bringing false traffic.

third stage: website maturity

website mature, there are some indicators, such as day IP500 above, PR4 above, Baidu weight more than 2, and if your site at the same time meet the above three indicators, then congratulations, your website can call the site. This phase is the most

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