One technology looks at the development of local websites

I used to work for a website construction company. We are in accordance with the wishes of customers, develop a satisfied station. When they came to negotiate with the company, they were like discovering the new world, and they felt they might be Gates tomorrow. To be honest, there are many websites I developed, I do not look good, but they are customers, I did not say anything, according to the needs of his development.

later left the company because he wanted to learn some new skills. Join the Hefei know-all, here a week. The operation of the company is basically understood. Those of us who have the latest technology and information have been hurt by our knowledge of the internet. Sometimes we think about serious problems simply, and we think of simple problems as insurmountable obstacles that lead us to do nothing.

, this company is on the platform of the website, publish some local information about life, these are convenient for the people. Among them, there is a very distinctive platform. Maybe you and I have thought of it, but we haven’t done it. This is a small local enterprises and institutions can also join the internet. The company has its own business, every day they contact these on the Internet do not understand the Internet but know that some small businesses, then they will know-all funds, help them to make a simple page, there are some other information about their. When someone in the online search or local login know-all can view their information, for they are kind of propaganda. It’s also a help for the citizens.

, I’ve been in good business for a few days since I came here, and the boss doesn’t understand the Internet at all. They just talk about QQ. But their creativity (maybe in your eyes, it’s not creative) is good.

they don’t know anything, but they can work for people who know it. I have seen this kind of local station operation mode very well these days. Write out, I hope for you, for other webmaster a little help.

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