95 after the glamorous CEO from self hype to focus on not unfamiliar street

Abstract: the

was caught in the nude, drag racing, self speculation gossip and criticism after 95 entrepreneurs, while his understanding of the social network into practice, while you want to put this understanding, all into their own products in ERA.


gimmick stranger social applications market, enter the public, frustrated many.

but the 95 after Xu Ke in more than a year ago, want to know to do a stranger social applications, she gave this product named ERA, and hired a technical expert to build a team together.

titanium media editor experience this social networking product based on LBS and online payment. Users can publish online tasks, get help by payment, can also view and access to nearby tasks by using their skills to complete the task or getting paid; in the transaction, ERA as the third party, similar to the Alipay Taobao deal in the role of online bear responsibility for security, and not from any fees.

and ERA in the social function of the biggest bright spot is that, after the completion of the task, the user can be like a taxi software company by both sides that peer assessment, and generate their own credit; users can also apply for identity, education, financial and other real name authentication, in order to improve the success rate of sending and receiving tasks, and to find the elephant.

this straightforward logic, and the difference of the flow experience is how to?

based on LBS

social no market segments, you have to break the invisible threshold

is a product of social embarrassment is: no matter what the starting field, regardless of what people are difficult to avoid being labeled "about gun label — once affixed, products give users the imagination, users can create value will be very limited.

hearing trace information technology Nvzhang Xu Ke said, ERA rejected the label. She will define this product to be done as a human O2O, the value of the social value of labor.

The 20 year old

CEO has many years of Anglo American school experience, she made no secret of their human nature on the industry, bold view:

Lieyan is human nature, but about guns is just part of the foundation in social, if you want to buy a cup of coffee, can see a dentist about, also about, why must go through APP about? Two people in social at the same time, to create more value, it is ERA to do love."

seems to ERA’s own topic are permeated with "curiosity, pornographic" these constant theme. In the micro-blog criticism about ERA and Xu Ke never less than rumors, pornographic nude storm, a car accident.. these are ERA’s own topic. According to titanium media reporters to understand a lot of topics are ERA self hype, but there is little effect. < >

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