Qi Tang’s online entrepreneurship diary

seven years after graduation, from an uppity students to gradually integrate into the community, there is now a small company’s own. These seven years, whether it is their ability or mentality have great changes; in the process of entrepreneurship, paid a lot, and harvested a lot, but also has been a lot of good hearted people to help.

when you are tired, I often surf the Internet to find some entrepreneurial story, motivate yourself to go, then I sincerely thank those who I have never seen, but gave me great encouragement of friends, thank you, thank you for your article, gave me the courage to move forward.

has the biggest influence on me more than my former manager Zhao, whose company mainly does automation equipment, and I work for him in one year and three months. When I left my job, I told him I wanted to start my own company. He didn’t stop me, but said, "well, if you can’t hold on for three years, you might as well work with me." I didn’t quite understand what that meant. Since I started my business these years, I have been more and more aware of the meaning of this sentence.

I can’t write an article, but today I’m going to write about my entrepreneurial process. There are three purposes of writing an entrepreneur’s diary. One is to record the road you have traveled, and always remind yourself not to forget the past; the two is to help someone who wants to start a business or is starting a business. Three is to get noble advice. My words may not be very flowery, but I write them faithfully.

to write my startup diary, you have to introduce me personally,


Name: Don Tang

was born in 1978 in Yishui County, Shandong City, Linyi Province,

graduated from the Department of mathematics of Linyi Normal University in 2001.

graduated from an Internet company in Linyi after graduation in 2001.

in the winter of 2001, working for an Internet company in Ji’nan,

2002 Winter, working for a equipment company in Ji’nan,

began his career in the summer of 2004,

has registered his own company:

Ji’nan China Resources Information Service Co., Ltd.

founded his website:

Qilu land network www.QiLuDaDi.CC

reasons for starting a business: do what you want to do.

in the summer of 2004, penniless, I borrowed a little money to start a business with my friends. At that time, two people made a total of 10 thousand yuan of start-up funds. Renting an office and buying some office supplies costs less. The first time is to buy Baidu rankings to make money, but sold for some time, I feel this business can not do, and did not earn a few money, and then did not do.


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