Two or three things had expected from the success of my name MT

– "my name is MT"

at the end of the game is the hottest, a more than 4 million of the investment, the development cycle of less than 7 months in the

mobile phone game

apple APP Store line less than 4 days, then grabbed the first place in the pay list. Rumors of single minute maximum online at the same time up to 180 thousand passengers, far

is more than 18 times more than the so-called large-scale domestic clients who have invested in tens of millions of years. It has to be a proud achievement,.

according to the latest Baidu index, "my name is MT online" index is still rising, far more than the popular mobile games 8 times as many as.


, "my name is MT", probably won’t have much to do with our webmaster. But it’s a careful analysis. It’s a successful experience for us to stand for

long standing is still a little help and inspiration for.

, my name is MT, applies equally to the website

, my name is MT, is based on Warcraft as the core, and in the game world, as well as a large number of groups of players, it chooses this as the core and is a

is a wise choice. At least this has got the upper hand in popularity. When it comes to the website, we should also

when locating the website

should give full consideration to the site the size of the groups, after all groups is a source of traffic to the site after the user groups directly affects the size of the website

late flow. The base of the previous user groups for web browsing is very large, of course, after the potential of the industry except.

"my name is MT", although backed by big trees, fully consider the needs of users,

"my name is MT" although take demon animal as core, make reasonable judgement to the age group of demon animal user. Pattern 9 years of player group, to now already


has been impossible to marry and settle down, the game for a copy of the task takes several hours, but for the complex can not erase the Warcraft


"my name is MT" just meet their needs, you can only take a few minutes to play, and you can find the original feeling when playing Warcraft. Webmaster site

‘s ultimate goal is to traffic, traffic comes from the user community. Want to find a currently other people have not set foot in the field, is not so

Yi, a broad user base in the field has basically been occupied by other types of sites, but any site can not be perfect perfection, we

only to find the real needs of users to strengthen, to attract user experience. Only in this way, it is possible to get a slice of.

is easy to understand

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