My grassroots Road success is tomorrow please survive tonight

long ago heard the name "grassroots" today, Baidu, right, GOOLE is a well contradictory, do not know the support of Baidu or GOOLE, anyway, the conclusion is: the grassroots, meaning that peasants, nonprofessional. The word is generally used in grassroots entertainers! I’m a hundred-percent grassroots webmaster, a small grass, grass or grass.


was in college, I was in contact with the computer, contact the Internet, when the students are addicted to online games such as the legend of CS, I don’t love the game, specifically, is not love, is not to play, because I played the game a headache.

one day, from the Internet to see a FLASH, since then obsessed with FLASH, also learn to do a few, one for my girlfriend’s birthday. Unfortunately, I can’t find it, gradually began to do a personal homepage, then a lot of free space, but is not stable, also just play.

in 2005, I graduated from University, assigned to a strange city, not many people can be heard in the city, I was surprised to find that this place does not have its own website, then I had the idea of doing station, live in the hospital dormitory, no computer, no network. How to do, I only went to the Internet cafe, at the end of the day, 10 minutes to eat dinner, go to Internet cafes, do stop, find out what is not, what is the server, what is HTML, basically do not know, fortunately, I found the search engine what can find the answer, follow the teacher, continuous query, continuous learning, 1 months finally built their station (in fact, BBS is a network of 6.


waited for 1 weeks no one visit, I am anxious, no money, do their own advertising, I printed N name card like cards, go around, gradually, some of my friends on my BBS, everyone is a place, a party, climb up, club activities and so on, fame is increasing, we also together funding for poor students, then do not make money, is to fill the money, I do this station for more than 1 years, met a lot of friends, stand for later television Town, is completed, faster than me soon, I was a virtual host, ah, poor, no money to buy a server, everyone where to go, I think it is not necessary to exist, would no longer be, my virgin station, the hearts of children forever.

to be married for 2 years, no money, few poor wages, I had to find second occupation, what can I do, I do stand it, this is to make money, wondering for a long time, what do estimation of male friends are more concerned about the gender, gender do stand right, registration a domain name is used to do PowerEasy procedures, crazy collection, exchange links, thank you very much for a friend of.

when I was standing PR0 >

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