Review website development ah tiger sincere offer advice and suggestions

from 2003 to the present, I do a lot of various types of Web sites, some personal network also has flash, there are also some enterprises of the portal space is free, there are fees, network changes experienced by the 80 generation owners of those things I have experienced, experienced, so I said that I was a an old stationmaster is also too.

over the years, the business is more stable than its own personal website: Why is it "stability"? That is, there is less revision. When it comes to the revision of the previous websites, they are actually on their own skills, and on the other hand, they have learned some techniques and practiced them. Therefore, a lot of their own works, its life is very short, months or weeks to change the shape, or have been changed beyond recognition.

review the past, in order to look forward to the future, here are some of my concluding remarks and suggestions:

first point: first, you should select a good website content management system (CMS). If a website every two or three days make only superficial changes, natural flow and users will stay, some search engines do not love, therefore, some suggestions do webmaster friends first to choose their own website management system. The criteria for selection are "meeting the needs of the present and upgrading the future"".

second: page links should not be too long. You look at my website and make a mistake, The search engine is not so long, love is not natural, included in your page, unless you consider special content included, therefore, suggest that you in the edit column, must be admitted to the actual page link is not more than four layers, according to the above example, the best is http://s.

third points: columns should be subdivided into good. For example, my column is not enough, more chaotic, and more miscellaneous. Facing the present situation, I want to delete but Yuxinburen, if divided again, equal to one year to sweat flow, therefore, suggest that you in the segmentation section, the focus should consider the features, at the same time after the website development direction and column. Best friends experience some help here, please have the experience of a friend to my website ariadne.

fourth: domain names are important. I really regret why I used instead of However it is not changed, so the two URLs are pointing in the same site, therefore, suggest that you first do a website, it is very important to choose a good domain name, as in the end is com or CN, I personally hold casual attitude.


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