Stand cool how does a UGC community go from pond to oil field

[core tip] how does an ordinary personal blog evolve step by step into a high-profile design community? Let’s look at the reasons behind it.

people who have nothing to do with the design, it’s hard to know how cool it is, a web site that offers design materials.

station (ZCOOL) has just passed its eight birthday, more than 2 million 500 thousand designers, users, more than 10000 new content uploaded every day, more than 7 million views of the day, has just completed millions of dollars A round of financing…

how they share the material from a personal blog, Chinese grow into well-known designer UGC community? How to become a well from a small pond, even in the future can not be substituted


how does a pond come together,


in the age of networking, in theory, you can find any material you want to find through Google. But you always need more discriminating material, sharing, filtering through your own aesthetic standards.

Liang Yaoming was founded in 2005 in order to collect their station cool just love the material, when he found himself sharing content popularity, more and more users are looking for material to stand because cool, he realized that when building a larger "pond" to.

forum cool station in 2006 on the line, "hungry" the designers quickly focus on graphic design, web design, painting, photography, and other fields to discuss the material, daily amount of post soon reached three thousand or four thousand. This is not a small number for vertical communities.

At the very beginning,

stood cool and attracted the attention of the designer community through the material, releasing the desire for communication between designers through the forum, and preparing for the cool, subsequent changes in chemistry.

from the pond to the deep well, open the community age

began to think about cool again after collecting the first batch of users.

"how to make communication between designers reduce the essence? Design content is the essence of communication between designers, and the forum cuts the connection.". "


, the first choice of Liang Yaoming is "go to the old station" forum, cool material to share and exchange forum for exchange and discussion "fusion" around the design content, users can publish original work in the community or outside the station material, the design of those who make love to exchange.

has experienced a lot of pain from forums to communities, including old users who don’t understand and don’t get used to it, but it looks like it’s the right decision. Relying solely on the traditional 1 editing model, it is difficult to build a truly "self growing" design community.

At the same time,

stands cool and establishes the "home page" mechanism to ensure that those who create really good, excellent originality

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