Page tour industry should be how to develop in order to find their own spring

many people think that the page tour industry has developed into a state of sleep, and is a long hibernation period. This point of view is not unreasonable, web games in the process of growing up, it is indeed encountered unprecedented famine". Page tour as a mature, really have a natural tough. Like Ma said, but not any company has the honor to experience low tide, as a young company, not by comfort, not by encouragement, but by their own bottom out. The Webpage Game industry, itself is a true portrayal, whether it is spring or infinite, Snow gleams white., we can not be blinded by victory, can not be frightened by the difficulty.

look at the game situation, page tour status quo, people worry about

in Webpage Game development does appear to be entering a state of saturation, in the development of some of the difficulties encountered is normal, but not like everyone said pessimistic. Page tour development is one of the future trends, it is not doubtful, these small obstacles are indeed affecting the progress of the page tour, the current market, the status quo is not optimistic, the page tour industry faces three major problems.

the first is the market. The needs of the market seems to be in the development of some changes, many game player Webpage Game slowly fade out of the world, not looking for an exciting and stimulating factor, difficult to develop new games, these new ideas can not let the game player down-to-earth, loyal. Frequent competition in competitors, let the market digest strength weakened, the new rising of the game in the annexation of this game "big cake."".

second is popularity can not be raised. Although many websites have launched new games and fine game, game player number or quietly reduced, a decrease is not what we do not taste in the game for the public, or those old, tired of the game player, Webpage Game not convincing, plus the page of the game was decided, as online as play persevere, or not to play, Webpage Game always lost something big.

third is a new barrier for game research and development. Although many websites are used in the game player are also trying to meet, see the wind so that the Yangtze River Tuo, bring forth the new through the old, waves as waves, the intensity is more and more weak, can not pay enough attention to the game player. Research and development difficult to break, difficult to find breakthrough, these problems are technically, hardware and software have varying degrees of existence, so that population demand is slowly declining.

Webpage Game can lead us to change the status quo,

page tour development related to the future of the game industry, in this stalemate in the state, whether it can find a breakthrough is essential. Let more people join the page tour network, which we must solve urgently problem. Let all the people swim in the page tour, for the heart as if, is the heavy weight of growth. How can let Webpage Game sail sea, ambition can sometimes, we need to pass through the four step is to. In the smoke of war, as long as the world cup, page swim or sink

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