Small and medium sized stationmaster should make a fire in winter

has been particularly cold this winter, and the online world has gone into an uncomfortable season because of an unprecedented consolidation. Rectifying the network is understandable, but because of the implementation of the link, resulting in many formal small and medium-sized innocent people implicated. Many with entrepreneurial enthusiasm personal webmaster dispirited and discouraged, suddenly lost the direction, the author here to personal Adsense to say is to regain confidence, let oneself become a fire in winter


is personal webmaster will encounter such a situation today, closely linked with the strength factors of our own, so there must be a rational understanding of the current situation, it can not solve any problem. Don’t make excuses for closing your web site, and find a way out for the future.

many young people want to open up a world on the Internet, in fact, through the network does not necessarily have to own their own web site. I know a friend, every day to do is to build blog in each portal site, and then use SKYCC promotion software, batch update articles, plus friends, circle. Because of his good writing, written are very practical soft Wen, so every issue a will be a lot of reprint, often recommended by the administrator to the column home page. What is the role of soft Wen, promotion of goods ah, he relied on this approach to promote popular goods, take Commission, at least every month there are several thousand yuan of income!


personal webmaster website promotion in the process, I believe that has been out of a good hand writing, slightly change train of thought, I believe it is not difficult to write soft paper business. Webmaster another good way is to go to those large enterprises and institutions to do full-time web site optimization work. Many webmaster in long-term site construction and promotion has been at all on the SEO, as long as there is a certain time and resources, do optimization is not difficult. Moreover, with the rapid development of Internet in China, more and more companies have realized the importance of Internet marketing. A friend who once ran the SEO forum just announced that he was going to shut down his website, and many companies immediately sent him a high salary to dig him.


speaks of Internet marketing, he has to mention the Internet marketing software. Nowadays, agents of all kinds of software have certain prospects for development. The webmaster must meet in a few years of toil in the very many friends, network connections is wide, if looking for a promotion software such as SKYCC products such as agents, through connections to sell services, will certainly be able to obtain high income. Moreover, there is another advantage of product agents is that developers can get low-cost services, products through the promotion of products is also a lot of cattle choice.

of course, some owners of the site so we can start reluctant to part, and take advantage of the opportunity to reshuffle the market analysis, explore the vacancy, and in accordance with the procedure again to set up a regular site. Believe that through the previous practice, to build a successful website will be more rapid. Winter always past, as long as the persistent efforts, the site will someday develop to the extent of their expectations.


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