Two dimensional community successful barrage video why fire

traditional video industry has done so many years, hit so much money, in 2014 by a name called "barrage video" of the game, caught a surprise. In the eyes of many people, the text in the video barrage video content with flying, the original covered, but also how the normal viewing? Is flying in the video text, barrage, subversion of the entire video industry and cognitive pattern. Why is a barrage of fire? No one would know this thing, let me give you explain.

barrage history,

according to Baidu encyclopedia introduction, (barrage, dà n mù), Chinese words, the original intention is to use a large number of artillery or a small number of intensive bombardment. The comments that are now used in the process of real-time Tucao are reflected in the effects of a flight from a screen that looks like a shot in a shooting game.

first uses the barrage, which is the video sharing site NICONICO in the video program. At first the NICONIOC only through the acquisition of hotlinking video on YouTube, but more of a user can add a message and subtitle function, this is the prototype of the barrage. Later, NICONICO began to have its own server, and support users upload content, content is also constantly enriched. Even today, many politicians even interact with the audience in real-time during their speeches. Now the barrage has been accepted by the Japanese public.

: Andouble campaign NICONICO live broadcast on the

domestic barrage originated in AcFun, in March 2008 developed a similar NICONICO, with a barrage function of the player. Mikufans was established after 3 months, the website video, barrage function was reserved, abandon the original articles in AcFun section; in January 24, 2010, Mikufans officially renamed BiliBili, which is now everyone for having heard it many times B station.

then website hotlinking more serious phenomenon, to a certain extent, the station is relatively centralized and unified quality content many points of interest in AB; also the birth of many widely spread UGC works. With the copyright on Internet video domestic norms, AB flow increasing, hotlinking phenomenon began to gradually decrease, while the AB station also began to like the traditional video sites like to buy video copyright, gradually to avoid the legal risk of a firm foothold in the fierce competition in the video industry. The barrage, as a feature of its function, has been retained.

Barrage is also part of the content,

asked for the first time to watch the barrage video, saying that full screen text affected the people watching the movie. Did you really see the barrage for more than 30 minutes?

millet co-founder Li Wanqiang, that is, everyone!

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