Who can catch female users Talking about consumption sharing community


, as a new age woman, thinks she never stops looking for the appearance of a woman. Her inner state of independence is a cool thing. In order to achieve this goal, Taobao has no less books, no less reading. Although there are far from the benchmark for a distance, in this process, transformed from small buyers for the BRIC unknown to the public and some part-time experience Taobao buyers, those things to talk about consumption share community should understand a drop of one or two.

is now online shopping, how many people are so stupid so naive to Taobao search directly, then click on the sales ranking and compared one by one to see the final orders? If the computer lovely you also followed the old method, then bump kazakhstan. The Internet information industry’s most recent change, the field is filled with undercurrent "recommended shopping, shopping search, shopping guide the direction of the community" and other products. Of course, I also read the news the white crow brother blog (http://s.uicom.net/blog/) said the white crow brother to guide the field of electronic commerce is very profound high perspicacity, recommended reading.

today, I act as a typical female beauty user, as well as previous experience and Research on consumer sharing community products, and we talk about this emerging field of things. Also give the male compatriots to spread this information, because the most popular consumer sharing community products is to reject male users Oh,


what is a consumer sharing community,


, mogujie.com, said the beautiful love, beautiful street, or even just renren.com new real name system are SNS share "shopping" belong to the consumer sharing community, but the terms about "consumption sharing community" is defined in Wikipedia and Baidu have no data (a trouble update). There are other explanations for the classification of these products, such as vertical social networking sites, new models of vertical e-commerce, social (community) e-commerce, and so on. The more closely related is the socialization of e-commerce.

social electronic commerce

social e-commerce, social commerce, is a new derivative model of e-commerce. With the help of social media and Internet media, it helps to purchase and sell goods through social interaction and user generated content. In the Web2.0 era, more and more content and behavior are generated and dominated by end users. The size of the social e-commerce market will reach $30 billion by 2015, which means sales revenue only through social media. The size of the market should be even bigger.

several of these products were initially defined as community based models, but today they are becoming more media, or more essentially media, than community. Because users and users do not interact at all, they just care about each other for the same tastes and tastes

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