Lu Songsong how to write blog content in several ways

last year, I wrote an article: "write a blog, don’t be lazy, originality is king."". I introduced the content source of blog from two aspects at that time. One is to write something about work and life from the aspect of life, and two is to write social hot spots. The passage of time, some things can not be written, especially for the content of the blog social hot spots, but with the Internet, blog content sources have many channels.

heart, concentration is the reason readers like you

I’ve been blogging for four years, summarizing the two key elements of blogging. There are only two words: mind, focus. A lot of truth is simple, but it’s really troublesome. We can not guarantee that each blog is so brilliant, but we must ensure that readers are never perfunctory.

writes "attentively", and most excellent bloggers spend 1-2 hours writing. If you just write a perfunctory, do things carelessly, you can only see the readers perfunctory, perfunctory comments, resulting in fewer readers. The reader will also read and understand when you are careful with your essay.

"concentration" writes Bo, Lu Songsong’s understanding of concentration is to focus on a particular field, a profound understanding of this field, in order to write a level, deep, sympathetic. Concentration alone, not content, and occasional interludes of writing about life and entertainment will not make readers feel bored.

writes blog

through work

this is my favorite way of writing experience, summary, helpful not only for work, but also can let the reader to learn, so that, the best of both worlds. But most people will be tired of a fault, the work of journal blog, for example, I made a website recently, I write web design, program, test the day after tomorrow today, finally happy to write an article to tell you, my website is done. I think most people don’t pay attention to your work flow. They are more concerned with what you can learn from this website, and what you should avoid.

tells them how to do it,

most people visit blogs because they need to search for some "how to do" information, and if you provide a lot of information about how to do it, then you’re doing the right thing. For example, many of your blog users is for bloggers, they write articles that tell these blogs should be how to do, how to modify the blog program, how to modify the template, how to make money, this blog mostly would have been welcome, because you provide valuable information.

let readers in,

I also wrote an article about "writing my blog through your comments," which is about interacting with readers and writing articles. When building user feedback through the first few articles, you can use their comments to see what they think of your blog and use these feedback as a building.

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