Pea pods missed the best selling period once the entrepreneurial star announced the end

has repeatedly been informed of the acquisition of pea pods finally confirmed into Ali mobile.

pea pods announced today that its distribution business will be incorporated into the Alibaba mobile business group, the two sides have signed a merger agreement. Currently, the two sides did not disclose the specific amount of mergers and acquisitions.

Alibaba mobile business group president Yu Yongfu (micro-blog), said pea pods to join Ali mobile, the future is greater value lies in the two sides of the two sides in the big data and content.

pea pod co-founder Wang Junyu said, pea pod applications currently in the distribution business profitable, compared with other similar products, pea pods to help users to find applications and games of high quality as the goal.

pea pods is not Ali’s first distribution business applications. Back in 2013, Ali on the acquisition of PP assistant, but after 3 years of internal resource integration, PP assistant now in the domestic market share is still not satisfactory.

therefore, analysts have pointed out that the pea pods in the acquisition of Ali can be enhanced to some extent Ali in the mobile terminal content distribution capabilities. In Baidu mobile assistant, Tencent application treasure as well as 360 mobile assistant for distribution market war, Ali can take to improve their competitiveness in the BAT inside.

had news that Ali’s acquisition of pea pods price is $200 million. Although the figure is not confirmed, but compared with the 2014 price of $1 billion 500 million in the acquisition of Ali, pea pods have missed the best time to sell.

had been in danger but unaware of

pea pod was founded in December 2009, which in the first few years of development has experienced a golden age of mobile application distribution market.

data show that as of the end of July 2013, pea pods subscribers exceeded two hundred million, is not repeated more than 650 thousand applications, application of daily distribution amount over 35 million, has become the highest quality Chinese largest application store.

capital pea pods have been particularly favored. So far, the pea pod has been completed three rounds of financing: January 2010 Innovation workshop angel investment; 2012 DCM lead investor, innovation factory with cast the A round of financing, financing amounted to $80 million; in 2014 the completion of a total of $120 million B round of financing, lead investor institutions Softbank, DCM and innovation works with the cast, then and to obtain additional investment of Goldman Sachs (undisclosed).

and the rumors about the acquisition of pea pods have long been. As early as 2014, Ali to the pea pods olive branch, then the pea pods just completed B round of financing, public data shows its valuation at around $1 billion, while Ali is the price is $1 billion 500 million, for the time is already a high price; February 2015 came the magic workshop will acquire the pea pods, then peas through the official micro-blog response the acquisition of untrue rumors.

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