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, as an underdeveloped province in the western border areas, the overall pattern of economic development in Yunnan has also restricted the development of Yunnan’s Internet industry. I remember in 2009 to Ningbo to attend the National Conference on electronic commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises, exchange name card, coastal provinces, some people look at a name card, like a gorilla like staring at the author’s view, a good half day was slow to God: "how do you do Yunnan e-commerce


the sky is seriously lagging behind the development of the Internet industry in Yunnan

although with the popularity of the Internet in China in recent years, the Internet industry in Yunnan has made great progress, and the people’s understanding of the Internet industry in Yunnan has also changed a lot. But have to face is that, compared with the domestic Internet industry developed areas, the gap in Yunnan’s Internet industry is still widening.

in the province of Yunnan Internet association conference in March 9, 2013, the Secretary of Yunnan province Internet association president Ma Zhuqing introduced the overall development — compared with other provinces of Yunnan in the Internet industry, the development of the Internet industry in Yunnan province lags behind, the number of the most intuitive performance is the site overall less quantity of Yunnan Province in recent years by the website at peak more than 60 thousand dropped to more than 30 thousand, dropped by half, the province’s total number of sites accounted for only 2 million 500 thousand of the 1.2% sites.

is more important, the overall level of Yunnan’s existing website is not high, not only is the lack of national well-known Internet brands, and the vast majority of websites in Yunnan generally small scale, lack of ability to resist risks, common development bottleneck facing the lack of effective revenue channels, survival difficult.

Ma Zhuqing stressed that the Internet industry is highly China Ma’s "left for the king" concept, hope Yunnan Internet practitioners less "take a walk" and "quick money" speculation, really sink, grasp the entire industry, and referring to the domestic and foreign advanced development idea, aim at the needs of users, on the ground of the site (enterprise) bigger and stronger, to promote the development of Yunnan Internet industry overall upgrade.

"figure king" for Yunnan Adsense weapon

invited to participate in the meeting of the famous domestic webmaster Zhang Zhengjun (Figure Wang) said: "the overall development of the Internet industry in Yunnan behind is an indisputable fact, and this situation can not be changed in a short time.". It must be reminded that when we see the shortcomings and disadvantages, we must also see our own advantages and progress so that we can help to improve them.

Zhang Zhengjun warned that Yunnan actually not all websites are not good, but also do good website, but we did not pay attention, the country’s most famous mobile phone sales website, almost all in Yunnan, such as 39 mobile phone network, mobile phone network Yaya, Baidu ranked the forefront of mobile phone sales site from the inland traffic block the province of Yunnan, which makes people feel unbelievable.

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