How to survive and develop the nternet in Guizhou under the economic crisis

(2008 annual meeting of Guizhou webmaster speech)

ladies and gentlemen, fellow workers and friends, good evening,


it’s a great honor for me to be here tonight to meet with you, to learn from each other and to encourage each other, and allow me to introduce myself.

I’m free campus network founder Mo Bingshen, Guizhou Libo people, 05 years of your university graduation, founded the same year, Guizhou campus network, 06 years to Chengdu first venture real Chinese, founded the first enterprise video website — for 08 years, has been looking forward to return to Guiyang in March to operate their own site – Guizhou campus network. Later renamed the free campus network, website truly on the line for 7 months, registered users more than 20000 people, IP on the amount of more than 6000, the main user groups for college students, college students, friends, website space looking for work, online courseware and other services, there is no realization of profit.

so tonight we gather in this place, the topic is "Guizhou Internet under the economic crisis how to survive and develop, the topic is very serious, but we still entertain it, every word and action represents only the personal views.

in fact, we are lucky to have the chance to meet the world financial crisis. Some people and some industries have felt helpless. Everything has two sides, when the social economy is very good we don’t live very moist, today, we can do better, I think, for us Internet industry is a very rare opportunity.

first, the financial crisis is quite negative impact on traditional industries, television, print media is not so good, many companies are looking for low cost and high efficiency of the marketing mode, the Internet is undoubtedly their first goal, is a good news for providing the website construction and operation of the Internet Co, so is the grassroots website.

secondly, major websites have layoffs, which shows that they have begun to worry, and the competitive pressures brought to our grassroots websites are also relatively reduced.

grassroots entrepreneurship, in this environment, often has many opportunities.

, I’d like to discuss my opinion:

I often see in the group, brothers are complaining about the Internet environment in Guizhou can not do, Guizhou local website has no future. I think there are pros and cons, local site waste collection in Guiyang network live very moist, 007 web site is essential for many of the clerk of the company’s website, Andy home advertising fees have also received a lot, don’t say they do not


, in fact, grassroots enterprises should choose to develop local websites, low input, effective, as long as the positioning accuracy, it is easy to establish user loyalty, improve the value of the site, the same can be bigger and stronger. Do the national station, even if the flow is very large, but users from all over the world, men and women, men and women, and there is not much loyalty, then it can only do League advertising.

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