ndividual stationmaster does not experience wind and rain how see rainbow

Oh, Hello, I was 08 at the end of this glorious occupation of the station into the station, just in time domain space are very cheap, I remember the domain name CN buy only 1 yuan, the domain name information is purely random, because my hometown flowers industry is a pillar industry, I do stand it mainly introduces some flowers and knowledge, find a template, bought a 100M space, then the record management is not very strict, launched the website directly, in addition to the middle of 09 years beginning in April 3, the standardized record, other time development are quite successful, IP thousand, in there is little visibility, and some businesses will put some ads on my website, can earn pocket money every month, how indescribably happy heart, have a sense of achievement. But all this at the beginning of this year to naught, because when the domain name registration information is at random, in a domain name review by hold forever, I think he should be the norm in the process of the victim website, as the Internet becomes more and more normative, here to remind friends the domain name information station must ensure that the real


of course, the site did not, does not mean that I give up a station, I summed up the share to you as a warning for the future, the last lesson station, I hope you take this as a warning:

1. domain name application information must be true.

2. domain name applications must buy space in a timely manner for the record.

3. website content must comply with relevant regulations, illegal content must be and website insulation.

the end of the month I have to re apply for a new domain name, I think now the prospect of development of local websites is still quite good, after market research, I decided to make a home site personnel, now college students employment situation is not optimistic, I hope that through the establishment of talent website to can not find a job it provides a good medium to help them find jobs, the country and the people are good, I am confident


in fact, everyone has a rainbow in their hearts and paint a colorful life!


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