How should the new station start

as a new station, start from zero, step by step based on the steady, finally can better. This is a valuable experience left by the older generation. As for how to implement, we have to look at their own……

… Recently built a small, two months now runs fairly well, at least I put the space charge fees for one year for corn to get back, for the time being guaranteed, because was a high school student, not so much time, only spare time to do stand… So, unlike full-time webmaster, you can have a lot of time to promote and do so, only with very little time… However, for me this small grassroots, it is a bit of a sense of accomplishment, ha ha… Talk about how I did it… Nonsense, not bad, do not blame. :

-|… First of all, because no money, just get a CN corn, looking for a space dealer (Haoiis) notorious that, previously did not know, but fortunately, now replaced by the other. Not much good to say, the first station, selected a few more interested in the column, and then, calling: fun network. Ha ha, laughed. And then do the content… "Reminder here, now Baidu strictly, for CN corn, common CMS, the station special attention to special attention, estimates will be a manual review, so, at the beginning of honest do content, copy to article, you change the title, change some content. Each column is put on paper and then to 10 to 20, Baidu and other search engine submission, slowly within one or two days, your article is not highly repetitive even through the trial, included the start. Included after a few days, almost one hundred or two hundred of the collection, you can slowly collected articles. The collection also don’t hurry, slowly, one is not too much, can be appropriate, search engines started a little later, suddenly received a lot of advice, to the more or less manual editing, the search engines have yet to make only superficial changes, artificial intelligence, you stand when the original, of course included well, high ratings…. What to do: -| content, the next step is to promote, for less time, can not go to the global forum, Baidu had to rely on, do so long to feel a station outside the chain, with its volume, weight is almost proportional to the search engine. I find the chain, since the beginning of the new station, nobody is willing to exchange with you friends of the chain, had to: first, each blog is a blog, put on in the article add a link (note here that, outside the chain, a site on the one or two line, not too much, many it will not accept. -|): two, find some catalogue, site navigation to log in, there are always one or two just do it will take you. -|: three, find a few self Links, and intelligent friends of the chain, can do hundreds of amount no matter what chain, is also very useful, I stand GG received several such outside chain. Four, more is to find some high quality of the chain, if you write the article is not bad, you can try to write a few soft in the end by example: "this article from" please keep the information sent to the ADMIN5, of course not.

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