Grassroots webmaster entrepreneurial thinking

in the grassroots webmaster in a group, a group of people so that they are full of passion and dream, they have ambition and hope, they show confidence and courage, they think of the Internet as a stage, they put the construction site as a career, they are Internet entrepreneurs. For this group of entrepreneurs, I think it must be pay attention to four points and have a spirit of.

survival: do not want to make money, life is good,

Ma Yun said: " today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, if all the people down, as long as we are kneeling, we won." indeed, the beginning, the funds are not sufficient, the problem is the problem of survival, as long as you live, in order to better development Ali mother (, " let the world is not difficult to do advertising. For the small and medium " the grassroots webmaster provide a chance of survival, development opportunities, for the grassroots workers, they are willing to use a word & quot; Savior " to describe the mom. Mom said: " less money settlement, the small website can also sell advertising ". So mom in her custom price, free trading, equal consultation, Alipay intermediary, very convenient to solve the problems of survival. The grass roots webmaster only exist Only hope for development!


focus: just grab a rabbit,

on the Internet, there are a lot of opportunities, but you must have a direction must focus on you. There are 10 rabbits, you want to catch the last one will catch more clever way is to catch a pregnant rabbit, let it down for you only 9 students. That is to say, a direction focused on you, to develop and grow their own strength, to develop in the other, you have a lot easier. We can see the most famous loser, Mr. Shi Yuzhu, in 1991, he founded the giant company, engaged in IT industry. In second years the giant issued a plan in Haizhu to build a giant 38 building, then the company involved in health care products, the giant building plan is also a change in circumstances, increased to 70. By 1996, the health care products market is shrinking rapidly and a large number of giant building ", " blood; giant has name is real Mr. Shi is also in debt 200 million. (now Mr. Shi is already in the East, and we also call him the most successful loser…)

executed: "your idea today will be copy tomorrow, so you can only be more effective than people.


that is not the point, focus on what to do! Ma Alibaba and the world’s leading venture capitalists Sun Zhengyi all think: the implementation of idea three flow idea and class implementation is far better than the first-class and three flow. So far, I have not seen the success of the empty idealistic entrepreneurs, and this is not possible. Success is hard to dry out, rather than "

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