Local website unique operation method feasible

            07 years in August to establish a local classified information website, the choice is only a 23W population of county-level cities, from the beginning of the 0 IP development to now, more than 300 IP more than 3000 PV every day. Although not many, but at least in benign development, here I put the publicity program to do the local station webmaster reference.

              I am providing web site production and maintenance services for the enterprise, 00 or take in some enterprises list, 07 years of time to realize must have their own website, and so over the next few years companies have to rely on the website. What income? Consider a few days, decided to do a local classification information website, August has started to do.

              the first is the name of the site, my name is Houma 588, one is "I released", one is Chinese we think 8 is a lucky number 588 that would be great but I understand the hair, let a person can remember, after the experience of proving, it is easy for users to remember the website.

              Web site, because the site name is Houma 588, the query of the words Pinyin initials, has not been registered, it is the choice of www.hm588.com, users see hm588 know what it means.

              website name, domain names are good choices, next is the program, program, I always think, be concise, simple, because classified information are generally adults, and many adults didn’t know how to operate a computer, so when the program design in a simple and concise design, no registration function, do not need to register, click publish – fill in the information content on the release, and then consider sending spam, and joined the audit after the audit released.


;     after the completion of the program debugging, the site is basically done, and the rest is publicity, let people know the site, I took two at the same time start:

              first I to the advertising company, printing 10000 cards, paper as the cover of the book so thick, 8 cents a piece, then with these cards, and colleagues to the street shops, to a >

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