Content is not king structure is king medical portal station promotion experience

"content is king" has always been popular with webmasters firmly "truth", there are many webmaster think, as long as the best original high quality articles, natural search engine to obtain the favor, but most of the time and often counterproductive. I have a friend who is a medical portal, he began to contact the search engine optimization from the end of 07, when the introduction of "master" to his first "door gauge" is "content is king."". He since then every sub station always uphold the high quality of the original, never too eager to capture a cursory or pseudo original. Before the optimization of the enterprise is the station, a year ago when the promotion of medical portal website, suddenly found that this "hundred years difficult truth" suddenly regardless of the use. No matter how good his content, the article and then original, page included rate also in short, can reach 30% or so.

I helped him analyze the web site problems, and found that content information is no problem, the biggest problem is that the site structure, the site structure is too complex, directory is too deep, leading to spiders tired of grasping. This is also one of the problems that many large web portals can make. Portal rich in information, channels, columns covering a wide range, so at the beginning of the building, the site will always be too complex structure planning, directory hierarchy dug too deep. Despite the rich information, but still found that page collection rate is not ideal, the optimization effect is not good. If the website structure is too complex, it will turn the entire website into a maze, which will not only make the search engine get lost, but also make the users tired. Here, Suki summarizes his many years of medical website promotion experience, for you to mention a few more practical suggestions:

1. structure is king, the content is post

is certainly not to say that the content is not important, the content is equally important, but before the rush to fill a lot of website information we should slow down and plan the site structure, flat structure to be clear, not too deep, not more than three layers of the directory hierarchy. Furthermore, if there is no 39 portal as a large team of editors, best not to design the website too "big", partly because the editing effort can not keep up, resulting in many can not take into account the deep pages can not be obtained for the spider. Two is, the website is too miscellaneous, also can greatly reduce the spider crawling efficiency, but instead cause it to grab a lot of irrelevant content, and ignore the core content.

what medical portal stations are most easily optimized? Those simple specialist stations, rather than complex integrated portals. In the case of limited manpower and energy, Suki proposed to minimize the number of stations, and to do a few relatively simple specialist stations, not to try a single large-scale integrated portal network.

2. don’t do any internal links,

many people say that the best layout of the chain is "mesh", it is best to make each page related chain, so that you can firmly pull the spider, so that it can not run out. What is the result? An improper handling can result in "dead spider web spider," not so much patience to play with you through the maze game.

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