don’t know how to build Baidu encyclopedia successfully

SEO optimization methods are all the

for Baidu, which makes Baidu and Baidu’s "children" have become many webmaster, SEOer treasure, but on the other hand, the webmaster favorite Baidu products, the reason is Baidu’s own products that can bring great benefits we, because Baidu encyclopedia can obviously bring great benefits to the owners, so many owners are keen to create Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia created but the hardest thing to its website address attached to the Baidu Wikipedia, if not the URL, so the promotion effect will be much lower, but many webmaster is "dead" in the closed, to create Wikipedia is not successful, after all, not to take the site created in Wikipedia, the promotion effect is not very good, in the Here, don’t understand the simple, to talk about how to create Baidu Encyclopedia of some details and skills.

1, Baidu encyclopedia account level

why the account level is very important? In fact, this is a very simple reason, account level come from? Or do the task, or edit entries, in fact it is kept in creating / modify many entries, is the so-called "experience" good things it is such a high level encyclopedia Wikipedia, Baidu Encyclopedia account means that this account has a lot of experience in editing to create entries, this time, Baidu editor when the audit will be given off, so easy to join the corresponding AD site will be in the entry of many, according to the study, in Baidu the Encyclopedia of level to level Four, to join the site address through the audit risk will increase a lot, so, the webmaster in idle no matter when you can edit some public 100 Wikipedia entries, or do some tasks to improve the level of Baidu encyclopedia account for the purpose of use.

2, Wikipedia entry content

apart from advertising does not say, Baidu encyclopedia is to help people understand the do not understand things, so the content of your Baidu entry if a mess, so as can be imagined Baidu editor will give you a what kind of attitude, the problem is not to mention what join the website address, written so when editing Baidu entry notice the content must, the entry content must be organized, easy to understand, and to be formal, must not be careless careless, so that Baidu would edit a good impression and give the.

3, insert the URL specific way

first, the entries in the content is basically impossible to join the site address in the (special exception), so you can add the URL where only references and further reading, when adding the URL in the reference in the content page address to note, try to use the site, rather than a simple home address this is the website, in order to reduce the advertising intention, followed by joining the site must have associated place and edit entries, not related to.

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