Marry a website as a wife

contacted a net friend yesterday and asked me in the first sentence, "is it a single person?" yes, she is a single person. As the grassroots webmaster after 85, with the grassroots contacts are increasing, this sentence can often hear. Hearing this sentence, I can not help feeling the grass roots.

has been the envy of many people a relaxed and happy working, can surf the Internet every day, but they have not thought about life? The passion in the heart is lit, and the pursuit of dreams, alone around the clock down in front of the computer, the keyboard, eyes with hands move the mouse on the screen and sweep sweep. Their hearts only a persistent pursuit, it is his life, forget the reality of work, visual acuity declined over time. Nocircadian days already have their biological clock disrupted, still not stopped. And I, too, are part of this life.

grew up more grassroots station does not have a girlfriend, in real life, people feel dull girl is sacred low-key, in their eyes, did not dare to profane the beautiful faces and gentle eyes, only the hearts of the network network to their pursuit, the pursuit of the goal, there is their world. They are two people in reality and in the internet. Without love, they have to express themselves in the network, when the Internet has access to the same interest in the pursuit of girls, many people because of the loneliness of the heart, unknowingly fell into the net love…

in the webmaster heart, website is your greatest effort, also want to get rid of the shackles of their network, while hoping to return to the real world, but how many girls can not accept a sentiment of reality, and only know to computer crazy tapped, but people forget completely your love? When a girl appeared in front of their own, they only know to optimize your web site and don’t know how to go after her, know how to play with the program and do not know how to ask her. Master has long been out of the shackles of the network, in reality and the network of freedom, but we are not, only a grassroots, even in the face of those who are not outdated behind.

so, only in the network look forward to tomorrow, to find their own way, continue to pursue their dreams, their website is chasing a big harvest, for Baidu ranking and crazy, for how to SEO the whole day without eating, almost every day to walk between the station and the network all night. The website is the person in the heart of oneself, sometimes even willing to give up the person that oneself like not to pursue her, but is not willing to give up the website that accompanies with oneself.

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