Quickly denied before listing the original car CFO Yiqi bell was appointed CFO in November last year


technology news February 8th news, today’s official Sina Technology to quickly confirm, Yiqi bell has joined the deft technology management team in November 2016 as CFO.

yesterday morning, according to U.S. technology blog TechCrunch reports, informed sources, and then in the second half of this year IPO, but the specific plan might also make adjustments. Informed sources said that the application of more than 40 million daily active users, monthly active users reached 100 million, the recent valuation of about $3 billion.

– yesterday to Sina responded that there is no specific timetable for the listing, the source of this information quickly do not understand, this is not to say that. Currently, the main goal is then continued to improve the product experience, to serve more people. In addition, when Sina Technology to quickly Chinese investor DCM co-founder and managing partner of Lin Xinhe about how to quickly listed, Lin Xinhe said, this message may be misinformed.

but from the recent personnel changes quickly, you might see a signal in preparation for listing. Today, Sina Technology to quickly confirm, Yiqi bell has joined the deft technology management team in November 2016 as CFO.

Before joining

fast technology, Zhong Yiqi had a number of top international companies hold important positions, there are more than 25 years working experience in financial investment management.

from September 2013 to June 2016, bell served as Yiqi qichezhijia CFO, responsible for financial management work, and responsible for legal affairs, internal audit, investor relations and administrative departments. But in June last year, the owner of the car in the dispute, the bell and the car’s home CEO Qin caused by frustration. Prior to that time, bell has also served as CFO, senior vice president, executive director of the Lining group, responsible for the overall management of the financial sector, as DELL China / Hongkong / Taiwan / Asia Pacific / global senior financial director.

Another executive

worker in addition. In January 2017, former deputy editor in chief of the NetEase has the light to join mobile applications quickly, as quickly as a partner, chief content officer. September 2015, had served as deputy director of the media, NetEase, announced by the end of 2016 for personal reasons to leave and will resign in January 1, 2017, the original position of the media NetEase. (Tan Xiaohan)

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