Discussion on the operation mode of local hospital website

local hospital website operation mode is simple, because it by geography, humanities and other factors, in the network aspect appears relatively simple. Many colleagues have also studied this, and the local hospital network is no more competitive than the capital center network. On the whole, the hospitals are in competition. Today afternoon, Han SEO for you to analyze the local hospital website operating mode of several points of discussion. According to the different places, the general local network, more with the help of line synchronization.

we all know that the local user base, usually very little Internet access, the Internet is simply to see the video, or go to some portals to see the news above. There are very few people who really visit local websites. If you really shop on a local website, actually, a small county can ride a motorcycle in 10 minutes. Therefore, the local website has some limitations, and the medical industry is different from other industries. The hospital website is the brand symbol of the hospital. According to the psychology of local users, they need to know about hospital qualifications or medical standards before they come to the hospital. They usually get information from relatives, friends, or the internet. Therefore, doing a good job of local hospital website operation will focus on these aspects.

first learns to make a choice about website advertising

is now a lot of Web site operators, are very important to advertising on the site, especially a lot of stationmaster, the site just on the line, it tried on the website called super advertising, open in the front page of the site, almost always covered by advertising! This seems to bring profits to the website, but because many advertising and lost the majority of user attention, finally will make your site nowhere. In fact, whether new or old website, website or to advertisement should be well controlled, website advertising allows users the most direct and no ground for blame quickly understand your information, is the so-called "over the loss" if there is no good control words will play anti promotion effect.

followed by pushing the flagship product

at the hospital’s official website

hospital is divided into many departments, local hospitals are also a few, unlike the first tier cities, but also for a separate department to do a hospital. Local hospitals are generally integrated hospitals, on the website above can not show very comprehensive, but with the hospital long-term visit of the sick, the most popular, the most concerned about the disease to play the hospital website advertising. Then, other hospital projects are assisted. Even an article should have a central idea, a hospital has a strong project, there are weak projects, not to mention a website, why not show the characteristics of the hospital?. Because the hospital website is the brand symbol of the hospital, but many operations executives believe that a site must be made Sina, Chinese medicine, Phoenix doctors as comprehensive. Finally, not dumb eating Coptis, bitter can not say.

finally, to achieve win-win

through activities

we all know that it has a small urban area and a relatively large number of user groups, but the average commercial street is only a few blocks away

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