Keywords ranking practice experience and feeling

        my company’s website is marriage website. Because I am responsible for website promotion work. After taking up the job, I began to understand that SEO can make a web site ranking up. So I started to learn and practice.

      in the beginning I only know some simple knowledge. Like a few modifications to the < title> < meta> such a label. Slowly learned that the website of the title of the article is also very important. And the reverse link, and update and original articles, which can affect the website about. Spent two months time, slowly put some basic optimization of the site work done. < title> < meta> label written, carefully modifying each page, and take pictures with the title alt, plus < H! > slowly, some words website rankings like ", ", " international marriage; international marriage; " row to the first page. This makes me very excited. Finally some results of.

      because the flow is not enough, I have to optimize the flow more words " " and " marriage; marriage, " the two words I used the same technique to optimize, but seems to be more difficult, I spent two months with the " & quot network marriage; do GG; second, " " dating; still in the third page. In the optimization process, sometimes I really don’t know what it is. Just know that the optimization according to some basic methods to do. Although the effect, but I still feel very fuzzy.

      some confusion, I hope you can understand. Forget my optimized station:

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