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[core tip] Google free Web design tool, although the main purpose is now for ad design, will it become a Chrome application development tool in the future?

is surprised to hear that Google has launched a web design called Google Web Designer. Although Google is a strong advocate of Web technology, after all he is heavily dependent on the platform, but the market related products too much, from the professional development tools to the WYSIWYG software Adobe and the professional game player beyond count. But after rough playing, I found the location was very special.

lives for advertising,

first of all, it’s free. And it’s free for all of Google’s free products, for advertising purposes.

, an advertising company, argues that there is no convenient advertising tool for dynamic advertising that can be applied to different sizes of Google screens. So, Google provides the Web dynamic advertising development tool for the target audience, the vast majority of advertisers, for its true service.

yes, Adobe also has a similar product, for cross platform web development tools, Adobe Muse, and responsive web design tools Adobe Edge Reflow. But the free model of Google Web Designer will attract more people to design its web advertising services, cross platform experience advertising.


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Google Web DesignerThe layout design of

this product default is adapt to Google advertising services, mobile advertising DoubleClick advertising and AdMob. A simple and easy to use and free tools of advertising design can design more exquisite advertisers dynamic cross platform advertising, especially convenient for many small and medium-sized advertisers, and even individuals, can give the audience a good experience in advertising. The better the effect of advertising display such Google, will not cause the audience antipathy, the advertising business will will bring more revenue for Google, Google can continue to side can not afford to buy advertising goods Indoorsman geek provides free tools, while continuing to explore the future of burned investors money.

Apple launched the iAd Producer as early as 2010 to facilitate the production of its iAd mobile advertising, the main purpose is that iOS does not support Flash, resulting in mobile canton:

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