Also discuss how to improve traffic webmaster should do a few points

learning SEO, learning all kinds of promotion has been a month ~ below I also share some of my experience, ~

1. learn to write soft, learn the soft of the benefits, not only in order to increase your site’s reverse connection, and the main purpose is to guide Baidu spider to watch your web site ~

2. learns to create keywords. Why can other people search you from Baidu? That’s because your web industry is in front of you when you search for keywords. For example, the keywords of beautiful pictures, I think everyone can think of using the word to do keywords, but because people are thought of as can be imagined, you can row on the first page, unless otherwise did not play good luck ~ this time we will have to modify some beautiful pictures, such as the beauty electric eye charming pictures into beautiful pictures, beautiful pictures. At this point, your chances of placing on Baidu’s first page have increased greatly. this site did not know when the key words, Baidu included 900 article, but the traffic is only more than 50 ~ but since there are two key words taken after the first page of Baidu, the flow in the 500+, this is a very good start, more and more of the Baidu keywords to record your traffic will go up front this is the method, improve the flow of the most fundamental.

3. network promotion method.

these days try network promotion, the effect is not ideal, because there are people who do this occupation, but more than us, have no time to do this, it is not recommended to use ~

4. navigation promotion method. In fact, this is also a form of friendship connection, suggest new sites can find some related navigation for promotion. this site adds a navigation aspect of QQ, which can bring IP50.

5. for their own advantages for some promotion program ~ mentioned earlier is a QQ type, non mainstream type of Web site, so for your QQ interest group to promotion will be better. (new station should do) so in a month’s efforts, Baidu included two hundred, but the keyword is not too ideal, so the flow can only be maintained at about 300


short, the new owners of only one sentence, before you write the soft focus on Baidu, build some key words in Baidu concern you, on the site before Niubi use some labor promotion methods, which is not the best method, but which method is most suitable for you ~

let’s have a passion to be the webmaster, and tomorrow will be better, ~

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