Baidu day included new station of successful experience

a lot of people have done the site after Baidu for the collection and worry, and some sites and even long-term Baidu not included. This time, I did a test, only a day less than, Baidu successfully included my new station. Contribute this experience and share it with you,


helps a client do the website, Ganzhou termite prevention and control network, website: Completed in April 10th, after the on-line, did not do any promotion. After three days in Baidu site new station web site, found that has not included. And I also have a self-help link station (in order to avoid advertising suspicion, station name and web site is not public), Baidu included in the volume of about 1000 pages, Baidu update is more frequent. On the evening of April 13th, the station added to the navigation station navigation station, when the afternoon of April 14th site found that Baidu has been included in the new station, April 11th (this snapshot is a bit strange, 11, Baidu has visited my site?). Although now only included a page, but the actual combat results are still very successful, and the speed of the collection is also in line with my expectations, because there have been many times before such a successful experience!


summary: at Baidu high weight, frequently updated site, everyone is a shortcut to submit to Baidu web site, than to Baidu there do not know how many times to submit soon! Those websites, Baidu spider visit very frequently, may one day there will be many times. Use a variety of ways to send new sites to the above, Baidu spider found new web site, will certainly climb over to see! As for the method, everyone can more supernatural power. Go to the site navigation station and self-help link stations submit the URL is a very easy thing; if you do a bit, to the webmaster nets hair a soft, which after a few hours can be reproduced in the Baidu search site N to the

, a very good effect!

, if you have any better experience, welcome to discuss with me. My QQ is: 307080.

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