Where do seed users go These methods you do not know OUT

Hello, I am always Huo commandos No. 61, today to share with you, do guest, the most basic seed users where to find


first, we know that we must do guest, to the user recommendation, if not a basic trust, so basically, if you continue to issue, it is also little income, even some people will feel that advertising is harassment, back to. This is very unfavorable.

is there a simple way to find the people who trust us most? The answer is yes. We are our relatives, friends, primary school, junior high school, college classmates, colleagues.

These people are in contact with at least

, to have a basic understanding of you, at least you find people when they can beat that! You guys love days sleeping in class, also love the girl deskmate pulling braids, ha ha ha ha!

These people said the

, we don’t need too much explanation, or say, no need to cultivate a sense of trust, because trust even if for a long time without contact, arise spontaneously, or through some simple things, let you feel warm, these people are our best quality seed users, will have large use.

how do you use it,


to share a simple process, we can refer to.

for example, everyone has their own students, the students also believe that the time we built group, this time, you can go to the group look for everyone, first to send a red envelope, ask you how to, and then find a suitable time to cut, tell you their status. And then prepare yourself.

‘s technique is as follows:

Hello everyone, my sister (Shi Di) at present in the company looking for a part-time job, is the main safeguard of our school QQ group (WeChat group) QQ:2881860461, salary details, the work is simple, without any input is absolutely not a single brush, such as micro business.

if the students recently free, very easy to find you, because the students are certainly a little stronger sense of trust, at least not think he is a liar, and then to briefly explain their situation: our company is Tmall and Taobao hundreds of thousands of businesses need cooperation, sales, so it will provide us with some internal coupons. The original price of hundreds of pieces of things, as long as tens of dollars or a few dollars now, and then find a real commodity to students, it is best to have a real buy goods such as increasing the sense of trust to my classmates.

that student will ask you, then what do I need to do,


answers to the students as follows:

your job is to build a QQ group of your classmates (Wei Xinqun), the company will build a blank group for you, and then you pull your friends to the group, and then you can maintain them

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