Qi Ping network promotion must pay attention to several major points of attention 1

network promotion is more and more familiar now. Especially in the current prevalence of the Internet, enterprise information faster. They also contact network for many years, I love the network promotion, so often to build their own website, but also a joke… But during that time, I learned a lot. In the network promotion and website construction, I also slowly sum up, the following major attention is that I usually, and slowly accumulated. Share it now, and hope to be useful to friends in need.

, point O: first of all, you must ensure the quality of your website. Quality is not only from the appearance, but also from the content. The site is a product, since it is the product of potential customers is the first focus on quality, but this product has its own particularity, it does not need to be purchased to be used, its quality is to enrich the through content, good and useful value to the viewer, the content can be the quality of the content.

first point: must distinguish the network promotion and the network marketing difference. These are two related and very different concepts, not confused. In the concrete implementation, will not feel blind. Network promotion, straightforward to say is as far as possible the use of the Internet platform, let more people know your site, product or service; and network marketing, is through the Internet as much as possible to allow more people to visit your site and buy your product or service, must return to be successful marketing. However, the two are complementary, and the maturity of network promotion will eventually lead to the success of network marketing. At the same time, the benefits of network marketing will be more conducive to the promotion of network.

second points: in the promotion process, we should pay attention to website brand, product or service brand. I found it on the Internet, enterprises or individuals to post in the forum of the so-called forum marketing, something pure product information, some directly in others that copy of the article, which also includes other brands. It is also overwhelming in all forums published, in the title of the modification can be modified. Doing so can only make others feel disgusted, not only can not play the role of network promotion, but also to others to your brand in the hearts of a certain degree of discomfort. Therefore, we must start from the long-term brand building, in the promotion process must share some meaningful things, in which the incorporation of the website construction concept, the nature of the site content and the advantages of appropriate, has reached communicated to potential users to.

third points: in soft Wen promotion, must do the essence of pseudo original. Soft Wen promotion, that is, in the form of text to their marketing website, products or services to promote, has achieved the purpose of network marketing. Soft Wen is to write out. Own a word, a word, a feeling, a feeling hit, it should belong to the original. You certainly don’t have much time for writing. So pseudo original, it seems very important. Pseudo originality is not plagiarism, but reading

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