Stationmaster talk about the course of website construction of summer vacation

In the article, "one of my sophomore Wangzhuan experience" in

before, I told myself in the summer of hard Wangzhuan experience. One of the bitter only and I like contact Wangzhuan novice to get a profound experience. Making money online is actually more tiring than going to the streets and selling fliers, and the chances of earning money aren’t really big. But learning knowledge, knowing friends and personal experience are beyond compare. Although at the end of the day, we don’t know how much money we can imagine, but the experience and the experience I have gained is a precious memory for us. Well, now let me talk about the process of building a website. I hope I can share with some of the novice masters who are studying and exploring with me. I encourage them to communicate with each other.

1, domain name space

domain name is not in the traditional network new network buy, the domain name business was too expensive to sell, not necessarily how good the service, most people buy in that is because they are a sound brand, bought the heart comfortable, but I am a student want the money, and did not feel the domain name the importance of all is to buy a domain name, which is to buy all the same, as long as can be used on the line, just as we can not afford to buy brand-name clothes, you can also buy a pedestrian street wear wear almost got. I know to buy cheap and stable and good service in foreign countries, but unfortunately there is no credit card, no PayPal, can not buy, Taobao had to buy online, buy a CN domain name, only 13 yuan, very cheap, used now have what problem, and then in the A5 webmaster forum see there is free to send the CN domain name, as long as the QQ on the signature changed its advertising, a month on the line, this is very cost-effective, anyway, a QQ signature on the line.

‘s domain name is found, but want to light a good domain spent half a day, many look good names are registered, then think of or do not use some of the letters, meaning very obvious with digital domain name, domain name is better, then do the other site can use. After the domain name, find the space. Space is also bought on Taobao, and now Taobao online business competition is fierce, a business integrity is not good, there is no way to mix on Taobao, and then did not think so much, that is cheap to paint.

two, the domain name space fix, the rest is the establishment of the station program, beginning don’t know what the station program is good, there are a lot of CMS, also checked the data, then found that the construction of forum would PHP wind and DZ is better, so I use is easy, because listening others get easy easy easy novice. It’s easier to change. Spent two days and two nights, and finally built the site basically, is a job search network, specifically for our school and the outside world of a job search platform.

three, the website is built, and then put on the previous application of Google Advertising, thinking that this is good, can sit waiting to make money, think it is very beautiful, the truth is very cruel, over a week, every day only.

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