What’s a buy site for vip com’s Ensogo


note: according to April 14th news, online sale retailer vip.com $5 million strategic investment in Singapore sale, buy electricity supplier Ensogo. For the news, vip.com’s investment management director Gu state said, "Ensogo is a well-known group buying electricity supplier in Southeast Asia and Hongkong region.". The strategic investment Ensogo is an important step in the development strategy of vip.com global station. At the same time, we will also provide vip.com with Ensogo in the field of discount retail experience, so as to help Ensogo better development in Southeast Asia’s group buying business." Then, as vip.com attack, the first step in the global business platform, Ensogo exactly what kind of electricity supplier company? Here is your science.

Ensogo’s name comes from Entertain (entertainment), Social (SOCIAL), and Go (up) three words. Founded in 2009, Ensogo was formally launched in 2010 and was targeted at the social e-commerce platform. It offers discounts for club, hotel, beauty and other services. The daily discount rate is between 50% and 90%. Consumers can get preferential alerts by visiting websites or registering as members, while users can share preferential information via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, in order to promote their products, services and online brands, the website will also make special offers for hot selling products.

currently operates Ensogo in Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, serving more than 800 thousand web site members. In 2010, users saved more than $25 million a year on the line.

to date, Ensogo has completed the C round of financing, January 2010 to complete the A round of financing of $2 million; March 3, 2015 completed B $5 million round of financing, the investor is vip.com; March 12, 2015 completed C $7 million 600 thousand round of financing, the investor is Hongkong’s Ward Ferry Management.

for Ensogo, there are several big events:

was bought by eBuy’s group buying site, LivingSocial,

The United States

Groupon second only to group purchase website – LivingSocial in June 27, 2011 announced the acquisition of Ensogo, DealKeren and GoNabit of three companies, of which DealKeren is a Indonesia based subsidiary of Ensogo. LivingSocial’s acquisition of Ensogo is the first acquisition of the former in asia.

LivingSocial co founder and CEO T>

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