Property companies have difficulties in access to community O2O how to increase income


property has access to community O2O

wants to eat alone in the community market, many vertical business segments are qinliqinwei. On the face of it, it’s thriving, but the actual results simply don’t stand up to scrutiny. Unwilling to open small farmers do not change consciousness, big property companies can only miss the community O2O opportunities.

most people are accustomed to from the perspective of the Internet in the community of O2O, to see how big this market demand, how many users, there are a lot of people often complain about doing community O2O. Property, property or not with either as a business, can not advance. Not only have you ever been quiet and seriously considered, what is the demand for property, and where are their pain points?

first understand the current situation and problems of property, but also help the third parties in the community O2O market development.

property common problems: property costs limited, labor costs rose, poor liquidity


property company to adjust the property fees is difficult, there are around the regulators and the industry association, the residents in the industry, property companies can not easily raise fees, but now the labor costs rose in the background, not mention the property costs for many property companies operating ability too so, the ability of some property companies began to try to increase the way to realization, and the cost of using technology to reduce personnel costs.


from the perspective of Internet plus the development of community O2O market can bring more income for the property, but in the actual operation process, most of the property companies simply can not do this work well, now many property companies are trying to be truly can receive the effect of scanty income. The most important thing is that the property based thinking, not much hope that other companies to encroach on this belongs to their market. The people who want to enter the community O2O third party company only "hovering around the market, not to do not want to give up.

today, even if there are a lot of opportunities to be realized in front of the property company, they can not eat, the changing of market environment, personnel structure of the company’s own resources, technology, depth of understanding of the industry, the internal friction resistance and other factors in limiting property in the community O2O market can make a difference. Whether in front of the property tycoon, or have a certain scale of medium-sized property, or the vast number of small property, each has its own problems. The third party to penetrate the property, also need to wait for the market slowly educating them, those big property itself try wrong, will pay attention to the feasibility of cooperation with other people, but small property real money after seeing other counterparts, will become more serious in attitude.

at this stage, we might as well wait for the first time, so that those who think they can do the property companies to try, and so they are more rebuffed, it will naturally come back to find other companies cooperation >

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