Website construction projects should be divided into high end projects and low end projects

a lot of people will ask: why is the price of website construction market disparity, because the website construction project is divided into high-end project and low-end project


in fact, according to the user’s understanding of the site, as well as the role of website demand, the website construction is divided into high-end and low-end, of course, this law is our own ideas. High end website construction project mainly refers to the project owner to rely on the site operation profit, and later will have professional team to operation and maintenance. The lower end of the website construction projects mainly refers to the enterprise website, many enterprise website is compare with each other, others I also have, so do a website to do after the website does not intend to put the website promotion budget to enterprise website, this website construction project we called the low-end products.

low-end products are very good, and now most of the network companies are using template production methods, and there is no maintenance problems. The high-end products produced considerable trouble, he takes a lot of problems, such as the site structure is not consistent with the search engines, website background is not easy to manage, site security program rigor, database selection and so on.

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, the low-end products is to look at the high-end products are used, is used to make money to use, so the difference is the high-end website construction project with low-end website construction project, the price difference is also a great difference in suspension, this is not difficult to understand.

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