Symptoms factors affecting the effectiveness of website advertising

, half of Sohu’s revenue comes from online advertising, and you can be surprised or possibly endorsed by such information. But it also illustrates a point, that is, the importance of online advertising. It can be said that this is a basic source of income for all the webmaster. However, not every ad placement will receive the expected effect, and advertisers have to find the webmaster, so that the webmaster headache. We can not say that this is the webmaster’s fault, after all, the choice of the right to vote in the hands of advertisers. So what has affected the effectiveness of advertising,


1, the number of hits on the selected web site

doesn’t have a browser. What’s the click rate?. The vast number of advertisers in the choice of advertising sites, we must understand and query the intention of the site’s traffic and Alexa rankings. If a website has a very small amount of browsing, don’t expect it to have a high click rate, let alone the chance of the ad being clicked. If it is put in monthly package advertising, it should be put on the site for a few days, to see how the effect, and then make a decision. For those big sites, they’re not your first choice, even though they have very large views. This kind of site covers a wide range, involving a lot of content, so the site’s visit and this audience is not the same, your potential customers in this type of site in the proportion of very little. Naturally, your click rate is also very low. Besides, the advertising expenses of these sites are very high, so why do you pay a lot of money for useless work?.

2, the location of advertising

, if you have no problem choosing the site to browse, you should consider whether the location is easily clicked by visitors. For any form of advertising, placement is very important. The location and location of advertising greatly affect the effectiveness of advertising, of course, if you want to take a good position, bleeding is inevitable. In general, the first screen advertising position is relatively the best, easier to be seen and clicked by visitors, of course, the price is also higher than other locations.

There is also a bit of skill in the placement of

advertising. For example, in the text of many places, it is best not to set up text ads, select pictures or animation ads, the effect will be better. The text ads that appear in several picture ads are relatively striking. The so-called "green green", not eye-catching, there is no reason. Again, the number of ads on the entire web page is not too much, and the location of the page is not too large. Home advertising is best not more than 3 locations, the general choice of the top or middle position is OK, the purpose is to enhance the focus of advertising. For websites with nearly half of the pages advertised, I think few people would be interested in staying.

3, advertising design,

if the above two points are all right, I think the question must be in the design of the advertisement. Is the design of the advertisement in line with the public?

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