Response design Combat E10 optimization edition cnBeta birth

over the past two years, there have been many Internet products have begun to apply responsive design to cross different devices and browser restrictions. And since the release of IE10, the voices have been around the developers. As the response type design siege weapon, IE10 increased by about ten kinds of HTML5 API support, such as Web Sockets, Web Workers, API, API and drag the history file API, visit the Microsoft IE10 Developer Guide can see the full list of support. And how to develop a waterfall based response style version of the traditional layout site rapidly through HTML5 technology is also a hot topic that developers are concerned about.


IE10 optimized version of cnBeta

day before CSDN interview logic suitable point business communication design company project director Zou Songbing (hereinafter referred to as Saber), they cooperate with cnBeta in IE10, the new version of full use of HTML5 technology to develop support for touch, waterfalls flow layout. For the domestic users to bring a new news browsing experience, but also hope to be able to provide some reference to the use of the industry HTML5.

CSDN reporter: this project how to division of labor, how long the development cycle, how to divide the development cycle? What are the problems encountered in the development process, which part of the most time-consuming, how to solve


Zou Songbing: the project development team consists of three people, one master developer, one owner design, one overall project, agile development, and fast iteration. The division of labor mainly includes project management, interactive design, UI design and development of four parts. Development, from the initial prototype built to the site on-line, a total of a month and a half of time. The development cycle is divided: the prototype build and page elements to achieve the effect of 1 weeks 3 days; data processing; data transfer (Taiwan before and after processing background data and display in front of 3 days; ten) the implementation of 1 weeks and 2 weeks; debugging.

The most time-consuming of

development is debugging for different platforms, and the problems we encounter can be divided into three categories:

, 1) fragmentation problems with different resolutions

different screen resolution need to design the presentation of different information in the page layout and function are adjusted, this process will be a lot of complex problems, such as when the browser width is less than 560px, the action bar occupy too much screen space, so in this case should be in the redesign of its function and interaction (Figure 1-1, 1-2):


Figure 1-1: Browser width > 560px’s operation bar style

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