No Alipay without the integrity of a new mall of sorrow

, we are the traditional production-oriented enterprises, has been doing digital products, communications products production, MP3, MP4, GPS, learning machines, mobile phones, and so on. To say that the scale, in the country can also be ranked on the number (specifically, which did not say, and you can find it!). 99.99% of the sales are through the channels, channel managers are busy every day, sitting in the office, the phone is one after another.

to say the Internet, that’s a good thing. Look at many of the agents sold on the Internet that a prosperous, head of our department is to sit down, volunteered to do fast 5 channels, with several of our men, in support of the boss set up a new Department of network sales department. In order not to affect the interests of agents in our department from the outset by the boss positioning in the "network of agents", meaning that our department is equivalent to a specialized intelligent agents, mobile phone, take the number of goods, the price of what, all arranged by the Department in accordance with the traditional channels, channel agents for other policies. Supply your own to find it.

thunder built mall, through some previous relationship, linked to many high quality products supply, mall product is more and more each day. We turned the motley crew, I finally thought is the Internet people, into the IT industry, the happy, looking forward to how zayang, sitting in front of the computer can make money.

less than a month, can not be happy. N big mall, Taobao’s superior, it seems, we will be able to gently pinch the crush. Our technical strength is rather scarce, because it is relatively independent "agents", we have no money to invite people, even if it is rich, please, and even do not know what kind of person to ask, who let us all do not understand it?. During this period, ICP card, online payment plug-in, promotion planning…… Many etc. the work had to be done by a few of us knowledgeable people. Only one thing seems to do a good job, only to find the supply of high quality.

office ICP, for us, the only way is to pay for professional agents; online payment plug-in, online banking is not money; promotion, certainly spend money, but how the money spent and spent, no one knows. So in the course of contacts toss, the boss is a bit not willing: you do not want to spend money in addition to some other way to spend money? If you can guarantee, how much can I input


I believe that I have experienced the same buddies, or understand the traditional industry, enterprises to enter the process of Internet can understand, this time we have the kind of depressed, not to mention. Speaking of this, I don’t seem to get into the subject yet. Please don’t mind. I’m not very good at writing. I don’t have any logic. I can say what I want.

in order to increase our popularity, we have a promotion. That day, it was easy for someone to contact me via the QQ customer service on the website. Asked a cell phone of ours, he said he had visited many homes, including Taobao

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