Three no in enterprise network construction

Now many kinds of

in the website, enterprise website is not always is the main type of site, although its purpose is used for publicity and promotion, but it mostly does not belong to the Internet industry. Than like the Tencent Baidu, Sohu, NetEase, this real Internet Co still has a big difference, the so-called enterprise website, is the enterprise for the purpose of network marketing, in order to carry out the enterprise publicity on the Internet, saving the cost of publicity, increase publicity and construction site. Many companies have their own websites, which use websites for publicity, product information publishing, recruitment, and so on. Enterprise website is the network construction and promote enterprise image on the Internet platform, the equivalent of the company’s network name card, not only the image of enterprises is a good publicity, and can assist the enterprise in sales, directly through the network to help companies achieve product sales, this is the enterprise website construction is a very important purpose: network marketing. If an enterprise does well in Internet marketing, then there is no need to worry about sales, or even beyond traditional marketing, to return a business that is on the verge of bankruptcy from the cliff.

in the early days of the Internet, the site could only save plain text. After several years of development, after the advent of the world wide web, image, sound, animation, video, and even 3D technology began to pop up on the Internet, the website also slowly become everyone see the illustrated appearance. The corporate website is also more and more attention by enterprises, a medium-sized enterprises must have their own website, it is not only the enterprise’s own needs, but also the trend of the times caused by the Internet business. At present, many construction companies in the construction of Web sites for enterprise users are greedy, not careful, so that the construction of enterprise sites encountered a great bottleneck. These factors also restrict the development of enterprise website production, although the scale of enterprise website construction is relatively small, but it does not mean that such websites are easy to do. The construction of enterprise website needs not only the ability of technology, but also the understanding and depth analysis of enterprise. The cost of designing and building a good corporate website is also high, as in the case of a car company website, where most of the car brand sites are made using flash. The site presents very good results, and it is not a style with other websites at all. What kind of enterprise choose website production type will also have difference, only to find suitable for enterprise website type construction, can better reflect enterprise image.

in the enterprise website construction in addition to the type to choose a good web site, there are three very important point, that is the following three "not", only to avoid these three traps can make satisfactory enterprise website.

first "no": enterprise website construction, do not use ready-made templates to do. Now a lot of site company in order to seek convenience, use templates to do web site, in which the enterprise station has become the template site of the hardest hit. Because the structure of an enterprise station is >

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