To engage in enterprise website construction personnel said two words

1. web site import page is best not, if you want, don’t put FLASH, if you want to put, don’t put the next page of the connection to FLASH, and also to provide the FLASH play plug-in download in the page.

2. website of other pages, as little as possible with flash pictures, must add notes.

3., how much should know the website optimization knowledge, if don’t understand Baidu up search SEO many articles, simple title keyword description what, must understand. Don’t like this website (Langfang aoming Wood Industry Co. Ltd.) website do look good, but Baidu has not yet. Of course, to understand a little, SEO knowledge, you can analyze this site, to see what mistakes it made, and then do not commit themselves.

4. website security,

SQL injection is an important part, can not understand the Internet search, play website must use domain to examine whether there are loopholes, website background path must change, complex database name change, security is very important, if you do not pay attention to even a few years old children can you came to the invasion site, not a joke.

5. web site people are generally ready to use the web site source code, preferably before using the Internet search this version of the source code, there are no loopholes?.

the last two sentences, the enterprise website to do business is very simple, but it is not easy to do, the above is my little experience, to share with you, basically achieve the above points, makes the enterprise website basically does not exist those problems.

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