Successful Webmaster must be low key focused

you may be technical personnel, after seeing a N site, you will all over the world at × × Web technology is not a waste, how, what is the primary code… You may have just joined the team with the way the webmaster, more avant-garde, to have a contemptuous disregard in the deposit the site, one began to Kan certain website how, how to operate

low-key, must be low-key. If you have the above situation, then you don’t know how to make a website, you practice for a mature technical staff or webmaster, you must be a little hand. They won’t argue with you, they give you a ignore, because, for them, your comment is not worth a hair, because they were like you not to know the depth of things…

a web site does not have to have the advanced technology, nor does it have to be advanced. For the public Internet users, what they can generally accept is not how advanced ideas and website works, but can adapt to the public Internet users have formed network habits. "Art comes from life than life, we can make the work of the stationmaster is also regarded as a kind of art, really suitable for mass users, exactly who comes from life than life website works, network function. And your so-called "advanced thinking" is for investors to see, to say: "five years, ten years after the use of Internet users, perhaps, that is just an immature idea and yourself.".

a successful webmaster, will never be full of publicity around the world, his website how the most complete, the most advanced technology, the most superb. Because such websites will not succeed either. And successful webmaster, always follow the "complex things, simple doing, simple things repeat" this truth. Constantly improving and improving his website, and constantly moving toward the direction of success.

"s vessel had a rotten", when new technology and new ideas, and may lead to many people in the industry sought after, as a webmaster you understand it, the 30% is enough, it is non mainstream, really make the public accept, also must be N after a long time, and you only need to focus on your own work, take good care of your own website, do not lose yourself. When you put down your work at hand, to study other times that you are "blind breaking corn – breaking one threw a".

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