Wanting to be a female web site is not that simple

after the Ministry’s "record storm", quite a number of webmaster are asking each other a question: in the end what kind of Web site should be done, in which some people began to try to turn to a female station. Their ideas and theoretical bases are also clear: female Internet users are increasing substantially; women prefer online shopping more than men; women have a natural tendency to talk and communicate; female users are more loyal. People often say, "women and children’s money is best earned", many domestic and foreign research reports also claimed that, with the increase in female users, women’s Web site will usher in the peak period of development. As a result, various types of female web sites have been seen in the network side, and even some people jokingly said, "women have to have the world", as if for female users web site as a life-saving straw.

but no matter how important the theoretical development of women’s websites is and how broad the prospects are, practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Throughout the domestic women’s Web site, the really well done, very few. If there is not much difference between the content of a female website and a regular website, there is no reason for users to have to go to a female website. The sameness and originality of the content will probably lead to the failure of women’s site construction.

had a analysis on the failure of a website article, tell the readers the true history of the author through his construction business "orange agency" failed, the establishment of women’s website, not far seems so easy.

wants to create a successful female website, first of all, is the positioning problem. Women’s Web site involves a wide range of content, mainly based on portal type integrated female station and single content female station. Similar to Sina women or Pacific women such a wide range of wide web site, its visitors more natural, but there needs to be a strong team assistant. Do a single content web site easy to use, not demanding, but the development of slow, short-term benefit is difficult to see, many webmaster also give up halfway.

so, now do women stand, positioning to be accurate and clear. For many newly started webmasters, a single content site should be preferred. Take one aspect that you are good at as a breakthrough, and do your best to make a field of your website bigger and stronger. And other capital and popularity have accumulated enough, and then go to expand. Don’t distract yourself when your dominant project has not completely taken over the market. Therefore, bold choice of a single content to do, brave to give up some content, this does not affect the webmaster to make the site better and greater.

domestic women’s website, has won the "2009 the most popular female portal brand" FACE. Net, is started from a single content. On the line at the beginning of the doll net, is a franchise of beauty products, pure B2C platform. After obtaining a certain amount of money and experience, the founder of Hu Fei did not blindly expand, but honestly do what he is good at B2C. Until a year later, as the popularity and popularity of the web went up, as well as the experience and strength of the website team, Hu Feicai decided to go to the web site

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