Wang Tong looking at the innovation of Guangdong enterprises from the perspective of horizon


the last half year, I often go to Guangdong, will discuss with all kinds of entrepreneurs exchange every day, with in-depth understanding continuously, let me more and more enterprises in Guangdong ability to adapt Guamu, especially the ability of innovation.

every day in Guangdong, I’ve been able to see an amazing creative product. Here I’m going to list a few of you:

1, like sci-fi ideas control game consoles:

simply wears a lightweight headband that frees your hands and controls your mind to play games on iPad and mobile phones.

2, technology leading world class 3D glasses:

with their glasses, without professional equipment, you can also see high-quality 3D images at home, if you have a projector at home, immediately is the 3D cinema, feeling.

3, remote control variant of the super comfortable smart bed:

remote control can change a variety of angles and shapes of intelligent bed, experience wanted to buy, in the past for countless stars, politicians ordered, but the market is unknown, so you feel incredible.

4, the world’s top priced Tablet PC:

, the top tier Tablet PC with a variety of hardware configurations than Ipad4, is worth less than half of Ipad4.

and more, here is not to come up.

from these enterprises and products, we can see in recent years, Guangdong enterprises in product innovation gratifying, but from some aspects of foreign, we can also realize some of their shortcomings. Therefore, I want to discuss the innovation and development of SMEs in Guangdong through the current situation of a small enterprise.

the brand of this small enterprise is very pleasant. It is called "Horizon". They were originally a company specializing in the production of telescopes, mainly for OEM production in many famous brands in Europe and america. Their boss, Li, is always introduced by his friends. He likes tea very much and is better off. I was invited to his party in Zhuhai circle on the day of his acquaintance and made me meet a lot of entrepreneurs in Zhuhai.

then he approached me to help him buy their brand name spelling took me five minutes to find the owner of the domain name, and then spent a little money to buy back, the whole process less than half an hour, he is very grateful, so familiar, often drink tea and chat, and I have given him suggestions of promotion, he sent me some good tea.

his telescope OEM business for many years, has always been the scale of tens of millions every year, after the financial crisis, foreign trade orders has become more and more difficult, so he began looking for innovative way, then suddenly one day have inspired his telescope and combine the intelligent mobile phone.

this innovative product >

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