Taobao’s way out innovation and alienation detailed socialization

from the birth of Taobao breeding Taobao customers occupation, the main push Taobao baby get commission. From the beginning of the attached to the Sina blog Taobao Adsense site visitors to the Taobao shopping site navigation, single page baby guest website promotion Taobao, Taobao station group guest website, API acquisition program, Taobao guest website batch out, even to the micro-blog marketing Taobao customers now different Taobao customers, such as is the most popular shopping and community combination of female community website, shopping belongs to social sharing. Beautiful, belongs to the social e-commerce sharing model, belongs to do vertical Taobao customers. Whether it is or beautiful, for Taobao passengers is an innovation, a Taobao passenger alienation, a Taobao passenger vertical and refinement and socialization.

beauty said to be like community with interest in a vertical field, mutual recommend, share, comment and commodity goods, the link from the external business website, the community itself through display ads, click to buy into income. It’s not just women, fashion sharing, social media, or the most successful Taobao model. Taobao and other beautiful models have been waiting for 2 years. This model gathers people of the same interests in a community. In the vertical field of fashion sharing, people share experiences and recommend commodities. Provide users with a forum for discussion, but also for businesses to find accurate users. Taobao has launched a number of copycat products after the release of the "model of beauty" model, and has produced an excellent imitator, is a shopping and sharing community where people are free to share fashionable, shopping topics, share and help each other, find discounts, and enjoy discounts. In you can find fashion, you can use the mushroom bar and mushroom style you can find a friend, you can reassure you can admire the fashion and beauty; in you can enjoy group purchase you can enjoy free mushroom, which is called the reverse group purchase group purchase. has also developed mobile apps,’s official Android app. Beautiful said, mobile clients are iPhone client, Android client, iPad client, beautiful said, mobile terminal traffic has accounted for 40% of the total station.

sum up whether it is beautiful or are said to go vertical differentiation of the road, through the same hobbies are recommended to the user exchange share shopping share exchange, allowing users to discuss so that businesses can accurately find prospective users. A single page of the Taobao website, the station group, Taobao shopping navigation has been unable to meet people’s shopping needs, the need for a fashion sharing community support, need a collection of the same interests, the same social population in the community to support people soaring demand for shopping. By sharing, discussing, commenting, recommending something that you like to have practical value and significance, to find friends of the same interest, increase your taste and accomplishment, and fashion. Because of this, businesses through this short commercial chain to find accurate customers. Subdivide the needs, such as mother and baby, home improvement, jewelry, clothing, etc., and direct the shopping field vertically