The blog’s 1433 hits yesterday stunned me

‘s Sina registered blog is already three years old. Daily visits are on the rise. And yesterday’s visits, surprisingly, has reached 1433, this makes me very shocked, to what what the reason? Let me think twice, only to the routine of the blog, the comb. On the whole, as follows:


Daily updates of

blogs. This is true for most bloggers. Daily updates to get the attention of blogs. This is especially important. Furthermore, it will also promote the amount of blog traffic. The main points of Bowen’s update are as follows:

1, daily promotional experience. The tendency of content is closely related to the management of the blog itself. In other words, there are differences in how blogs are used. I am mainly engaged in network promotion work, have some opinions, so through the form of text show. Easy to meet some of the promotion of friends, can exchange each other, and inspire each other and promote the effect;

2, essays in life. Blogs are often a place for people to express their feelings. Express your feelings or experiences for the most recent time and so forth. Written words, can be the future of their own testimony. In other words, it can be a kind of memory.

3, take the initiative to meet Bowen circle friends. In the blog, is able to enter their interested friends circle. This is something I like very much. The more we communicate with each other, the more inspiration we can get from it. If you speak a little, you can stimulate people’s different ideas. So, I also incorporate several promotion blog circle, benefit


summary: the above basically is the personal daily maintenance of blog, and the content of the operation. Unexpected high traffic, let me a little bear, whether can keep? This is what I want to explore the problem, in order to effectively grasp this, improve the flow of the blog source: