Portal mobile terminal four masters have shown killer mace

in Ali ho throw 586 million yuan with sina "marriage" the day before, another Internet giant Sohu also showed his "report card", according to the Sohu in 2013 first quarter financial report shows that the company’s first quarter total profit of $308 million, another message is more exciting, it is the Sohu news client users exceeded one hundred million, becoming the first domestic users billions of dollars of news client.

mobile internet war smoke four onwards, the former four masters of the portal gathered. In the PC Internet era, users access multiple web portals at the same time because of the low cost. In the mobile Internet era, users will not choose a variety of similar products, will choose one of the best products. The amount of mobile end users for the four "master" have flashed killer, focus media Sohu, Sina main micro-blog, WeChat for the Tencent to the NetEase, betting on Youdao Dictionary.

Sohu: media properties and tool attributes products for the cut entrance

Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang publicly said that Sohu’s strategy in the mobile terminal is to do user demand for media properties, set tools, attribute classes of products. In April 24th, Sohu news client users exceeded one hundred million, in January 2013, Sogou mobile input method has also exceeded 100 million active users. In fact, the Sohu news client mode is to do news supermarket, the integration will end PC news service and other media content production, and then to open to the outside in addition to newspaper media, network, radio and television stations. May 1st, CCTV news also settled in the Sohu news client. For the channel, in addition to Samsung individual models, HTC, NOKIA, ZTE, HUAWEI, Lenovo, cool mobile phones have basically achieved the full installation of Sohu news client.

Sina: perfect with ALI newlywed, dedicated to developing micro-blog

Ali spent 586 million yuan to invest in Sina, micro-blog, Sina, no worries, no time to develop micro-blog. In fact, before the marriage with ALI, Sina, micro-blog has experienced 3 rough stages in the electricity supplier. The first is through the enterprise to make the idea of micro-blog electricity supplier shopping guide apps, second is the data and recommendations, in this regard, Sina micro-blog in the user login, account, and Sina group of micro delicacy preferential platform, respectively, in-depth cooperation with the enterprise brand, third is the Senate with the micro-blog marketing plan, and completed the development of micro-blog wallet platform. For after the marriage, do not worry about Sina first profit of micro-blog, with 47 million active users, the total amount of 500 million users, and Ali better business cooperation, to complete the perfect layout of the mobile internet.

Tencent: WeChat 5 was the first moon in the world, and Ali was less afraid of

wave for Ali commercial road dust settles, is widely believed to pose a threat to WeChat, in fact is not the case, WeChat is planning 5 version, with more than 300 million users to embark on commercial road. The following are the main 4>