Why can’t your website make money A letter to a personal stationmaster

first of all, I personally have been doing this for so many years from 98 years to now. How much money did I make, 4 million?.

a lot of webmaster friends are concerned about this problem, why your site can make money, I do more than a year to earn money, what is a good method that before ten I have been thinking about this issue, I think the most important thing is that the train runs fast, full by car belt.

well, I’m here to share my feelings with you over the years,

has 4 points:

1, my first website is doing online hotel alliance, first said, at that time I will not write a program, also do not understand, now do not know, not much strong than before, I was 150 dollars of the template, and that even when I download source code will not. Swear. I ran a hotel and store in our city every day of the hotel, a home and talk about them and let them cooperate with us, but ran more than 1000 only more than 70 agreed to cooperate with us, is on the basis of these I put this website into a very good website of our local, is a member of the age some have, the website I have done a year later sold us a local hotel, not because of their own procedures, do not have no way. Summarize the reasons to do a successful first step, do not do a website to do a lifetime, if there are people to buy and sell him, even if it is only 100 yuan to sell, because we do not start the program, we need the money

2, I use 10000 dollars to sell the site, to spend money to find a man in Guangdong wrote me a program, is the gateway to Chengdu, this website has a good program, is my most happy thing, I do this for about 40 days, there were 700 blocks then is the main income, advertising revenue, I focused almost entirely on the site. Every day on site visit, and information, update the site in a timely manner, and to the website promotion, every day insisted, ensure the publicity once a day, and 400 thousand registered members in the first half of the time on the site, more than IP3000, more holidays, from here is my way out I thought is. Will receive 5000 yuan or so, but I have good times don’t last long each month, people forced to buy my station, I have no way to sell. This is my heartache. To do this website, my experience is that a good site has good procedures is important, but a good horse with a good saddle, must be updated in a timely manner, you will certainly be able to make excellent sites.

3, I used to sell blood money website 60000, also bought a website to do, continue to do my site to dream, to do this is a local community group, I spent 20000 yuan in the city’s downtown area to buy advertising, there are a number of Internet cafes, I also give them free with my website address > mouse

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