Ten unique beer brands

brand name if more bizarre, coupled with the quality of products, I am afraid come in after they can get approval, so that the good name is very important for people, for those small fine marketing cost under the brewery is even more important. An eye-catching brand name, itself has a strong communication power, so he came up with a lot of strange beer brand. Let’s take a look at these ten wonderful beer brands.

ten unique beer brand, violinist’s elbow (Fiddler’s Elbow)

the name, like a tongue twister, really wonderful, more wonderful is that a small village in Welsh, England, called the name. Wood (Wychwood) of this beer, is named after its inspiration.

The name

has another meaning: the violinist’s elbow is often subjected to severe pain and even cramps. At this time, they can heal this citrus flavor of British wheat beer.

ten unique beer brand 2, mottled old hen (Old Speckled Hen)

this "spotted old hen" is not a chicken, but a MG car. MG car factory has a group of people who love to drink beer, often drove an old MG car around the factory around, they called the old car "long spot of the old guy". In the car’s 50 anniversary celebration, the winemaker specially brewed this beer, and named the old hen".

this beer is popular in the uk. It uses the yeast, which has been in production since 1896, and its combination of sweetness and bitterness is very useful for beer lovers.

ten unique beer brand 3, dog shark head snow machine (Dogfish Head Snowblower Ale)

is a kind of wild dogfish shark, snow blower is a snow machine except can replace the expensive shovel. The concept of the two unrelated things together, became a wonderful seasonal beer.

Dogfish Head (DogfishHead) is a small brewery, due to the "lawnmower production in recent years" (Lawnmower) beer is very popular, so extremely rapid development. As a result, they decided to come in the winter, the introduction of a similar concept of snow machine to meet the needs of the beer market.

ten unique beer brand 4, sick duck (Sick Duck)

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